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Understanding Attic Ventilation

Coraopolis attic ventilation

When was the last time you spent any time thinking about attic ventilation? There is a pretty good chance your answer may be never.

Odds are good that you are paying more than you need too for things like cooling your Coraopolis home in the summer, because of this. Let us teach you a little bit about some things that you could stand to learn about your attic ventilation.

What You Don’t Know Could Cause Problems

Airflow throughout your home, especially your attic, is important and here are some things that you should know about your attic ventilation:

  • Natural ventilation is better than no ventilation. Make sure that you home has some level of attic ventilation and that it is not restricted or blocked by things like branches or insulation. Believe it or not you need outside air flowing in even in the winter, to circulate air and to prevent ice dams from forming on your rooftop. Your rafter vents and soffit vents work together to create necessary airflow.
  • Opting for actual attic fans to help with the ventilation will provide you with better results. They more actively pull in cooler exterior air and push out the hot air that is otherwise trapped in your attic. If you have blocked soffit vents, however, this system will only pull the air conditioned air up to the attic and end up increasing your energy bill each month. An industry expert can analyze your current system to determine if your soffit vents are blocked or not.
  • In some cases, you may need rafter vents installed. A professional can determine if this is necessary and install these vents, as well as sufficient insulation to go along with it. This will help create the airflow you need without losing value temperature-controlled air in the process.

Want to learn more? Just give the pros at Parme Electric a call and let us take care of your attic ventilation concerns.

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