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Parme Electric is a full-service Green Tree electrical contractor offering some of the best residential and commercial electrical installations. We are completely licensed and insured to service all of Green Tree. Whether you have a faulty outlet or need a complete rewire, we can fulfill your electrical needs. Our reliable electrical services help add beauty, convenience, and value to your home. We take the time to explain what needs to be done before we recommend your next course of action. Parme Electric listens to your concerns, and we answer all your questions.

Parme Electric - Green Tree Electrician

Parme Electric is a fully licensed and insured electrician in Green Tree. We provide services ranging from electrical troubleshooting to attic fan installations. We also offer upfront pricing on all of our services, so you know the price of the finished project before we even begin! We provide the very best residential electrical service to the Green Tree area. Whether you need basic electrical troubleshooting through complete electrical repairs, Parme Electric can help.

Green Tree Electrical Repairs

We are constantly reinvesting in our business and new equipment in order to provide Green Tree homeowners with professional electrical service second to none in the area. Our professional electricians can come to your home and diagnosis any problem you may be having. We will do all your electrical work personally to guarantee an excellent job for you. All the electrical materials we install for your project will be the finest that are available.

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Green Tree Surge Protection

Surge protection in Green Tree is something every home should have especially if the homeowner wants to preserve the quality of their appliances. The fact is that the electricity passing through a home is not always constant. It can go up and down due to power outages, downed lines or a strong power usage from the industrial sector. Although homeowners might not always detect these inconsistencies in their electricity, there are definitely disadvantages to this type of electrical problem. This is why most homes today are advised to install surge protectors in order to prevent damages that most homeowners do not anticipate. Following are some advantages of installing this device in the house.

Damaged Appliances

Most electronics today come with a vital ingredient called microprocessors. They are present in computers, fax machines, printers and other top of the line items. Unfortunately, a microprocessor can be very sensitive to power surges, causing it to malfunction should electricity surge due to uncontrollable reasons. When this happens, homeowners would need to start calling electricians in order to replace the microprocessors or even replace the whole unit entirely. With a surge protector in Green Tree, this type of problem can be avoided.

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If You're Planning an Electrical Project or Need Help with an Electrical Problem, Please Fill Out our Contact Form or Call Us at 412-329-8853. With Fully Stocked Vans, We're Able to Repair Most Electrical Issue On-Site with the Proper Materials.