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Receptacle & Switch Installation in Coraopolis

Receptacle and switch installation

Your home's receptacles—or outlets—and switches are what allow your electrical system to function. Everything in your home that uses electricity depends on your electrical receptacles and switches, so you always need to know that these things are in excellent condition and will be able to keep your electrical system functioning as well as possible. Any problems with your electrical outlets can also be very dangerous, so it's important that you take care of the problems as soon as possible once they develop. The best way to avoid problems with these electrical fixtures is to ensure you hire a professional electrician for receptacle and switch installation in Coraopolis.

At Parme Electric, our Coraopolis electricians will can provide you with installations, repairs, or maintenance services for your electrical outlets and switches. We'll be able to help you keep these parts of your home in great condition so that your electrical system is safe and reliable.

Our Services for Electrical Outlets and Receptacles Include:

  • Power Outlet or Receptacle Installation
  • Child Proof Receptacles
  • Heavy Duty Receptacles
  • Dedicated Hot Tub Panels
  • General Use Outlets
  • Outlets for Radios and Sound Systems
  • Outdoor Outlets
  • Bathroom Outlets
  • Patio Outlets
  • Shed Wiring

Receptacle/Outlet Repairs

Most likely, at least half of the outlets in your home are in use at any time, so it doesn't take much time for wear-and-tear to occur. If any outlets in your home have become loose or damaged, you may notice that appliances plugged into them don't receive power at all times or that they don't receive any power at all. These outlets should be repaired or replaced immediately in order to keep your home functional and safe.

Most likely, you also need to replace any outlets in your home that have only two prongs, and you should try to make sure that you have GFCI or AFCI outlets installed where they're necessary. Call our electrical contractors for appropriate electrical services in Coraopolis to resolve any outlet issues your home or business may have.


Our Coraopolis electricians offer electrical switch repair and installation services for the follow types of switches:

  • Single pole switch: used to switch lights on from only one location.
  • 2-3 way electrical switch: used to turn lights on and off from 2 different locations.
  • 3-4 way electric switch: used to switch lights on and off from several locations.
  • Time clocks and photo cells: used to turn lights on automatically.

We also work with dimmers and any specialty light switches.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets are receptacles that are installed near any water sources in order to protect you from electrical shock. The outlets monitor the difference between hot and neutral wires and they instantly break the circuit when they detect an imbalance. These devices can prevent serious injuries and property damage. Our Coraopolis electricians can help determine which parts of your home require GFCI outlets, and we can install them where necessary.

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