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Residential Property Investors Can Attract Tenants or Buyers With Good Lighting

Landscape Lighting

If you own residential investment property in Ingram, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas, there are things you’ll need to consider prior to putting your property up for rent or sale. No one is attracted to properties that are dark and gloomy, have old, mismatched weird light fixtures, or are over-lighted with too much direct sunlight or the wrong lights for specific areas that result in high energy costs.

When you’re looking for the right buyer or tenant for the residential property, you need to attract the largest amount of interest possible. One of the best ways to ensure your property stands out from competing homes is ensuring it has attractive and appropriate lighting in the home.

A well lit home at nighttime is the first way to beat out your competition and get your property rented before others of equal value. In order to see how after dark lighting can make a difference, you’ll need to realize a few things first.

Many people looking for a home do drive by’s after work. Plus, even those who drive by in the daytime may have family or a spouse that also want to drive by before they have to deal with an agent and often this second trip can occur after daylight as well.

Many investors and real estate professionals don’t realize just how many people do drive by’s like this after business hours! So many times the properties aren’t even lit up to be shown off at nighttime. Think of how many hours you could be having interested parties driving by only to find a dark, home they can’t even see from the street! There won’t be anything to attract them, drawing them in to make a phone call to you to see the property during the day.

On the other hand, imagine coming into a neighborhood to look at a home after dark and much to your surprise the home you had an eye on in the paper or online is the most beautifully lit home on the street…and your phone number and name show up clearly for them to jot down and call in the morning.

It feels a lot like Christmas time when homes have special lights to brighten up a home’s exterior landscape. An appropriate lit home in the dark appeals to everyone and what’s great is the lighting doesn’t have to be extensive, it just has to be there and look a little more inviting than just offering a porch light.

A few path lights, maybe a pole light at the street, some security lighting, appropriate porch lighting and a couple of well placed spot lights to highlight the right garden landscape, tree, or foliage could be all you’ll need. Many homes have the basics already in place, so adding a few other options could be quite simple.

The next consideration you’ll want to think about is lighting for daytime viewing of the home. Just about every home could use additional lighting other than relying on just natural light. When someone looks at your residential property, you want them to be able to see well.

At the same time you don’t want a lot of heat coming off the lights or through your windows to cause hot spots in the home that are difficult to cool. That means the right type of light should be supplied and windows needs to be properly covered where needed with the right type of curtain, drape, blind, or shade.

Controlling the lighting inside the home is as important as the exterior lighting. You first want to draw people in with the right exterior, but after that the lighting in the home should be appropriate.

Your light fixtures should go with the architectural style of the home and not consist of some eclectic collection of cheap fixtures you’ve found at a garage sale. To attract the right type of buyer or tenant, you want some uniformity and taste when it comes to light fixtures.

All in all, by providing the right lighting for the investment property, you’re attracting the right type of tenant or buyer for the property. Lighting is a basic need in a home, but the right lighting design is imperative or the lighting system becomes overbearing and won’t function as it should to give you the best in aesthetics or energy usage.

On the buyer and rental market, homes with the right light for daytime and nighttime will win over those that have problems like dark and gloomy hallways and rooms, or hot rooms that have direct sunlight streaming in causing more heat, or spooky exteriors that nobody wants to rent or buy.

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