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3 Holiday Electrical Safety Tips From Our Coraopolis Electricians

Electrical safety coraopolis

While you use your electrical system in your Coraopolis house every day, the holiday season can really put a stress load on it. Your house was wired to provide a certain amount of electrical load, so be careful this year when you start plugging in extension cords and using up all the kitchen appliances at once during the holidays.

Many families also string up lights and decorations in the yard which pull even more power. In light of all this, our Coraopolis electricians at Parme Electric want to share a few electrical safety tips to keep this holiday season as safe as possible. May your season be filled with love and joy.

Extension Cords Galore

Not only will you probably plug light strands into one another, you’ll pretty much be short on outlets throughout the main areas of your house. Extension cords are fine when they are used properly. Here are a few tips about extension cords and some examples of what not to do with them.

Don’t run extension cords under the carpet – This is a fire safety hazard. Keep them on top of carpeting and don’t let clothing or other things pile up on top of them.

Buy a longer extension cord rather than stringing several together – The more connections you have by stringing extension cords together, the more risk you are taking with fire or electrical shock. Invest in the longer extension cords you need instead.

Don’t use a two-prong extension cord for three-pronged appliances – If the appliance or gadget has a power cord with three prongs, never try to force it into a two-prong extension cord. This means it needs to be grounded, which is what the third round prong does.

Have Your Electrical Panel Inspected

Before the holidays hit full-swing, ask an electrician for an electrical service panel inspection. This is the main breaker-box of the house that needs an upgrade about every ten years in order to keep up with modern power demands. An inspection should be done about every five years for safety sake, so go ahead and have one done so you know you won’t tax the electrical system this holiday season.

Dedicated Circuits For Large Appliances

Getting a nice hot tub, whirlpool bath spa, or other large appliance for Christmas? If so, the appliance may need a dedicated circuit. Plan now to have the circuit installed by a local electrician so you can use it right away. Refrigerators and freezers, water heaters, washers and dryers, dishwashers and garbage disposals, ceiling fans, ovens and microwaves, and more need a dedicated circuit installed before you can use them safely.

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